Mead EyeCare & EyeWear


Great vision improves your quality of life.

Technology has created solutions for your visual needs. 

What has technology done to give you great vision?

  • Digitally processed lenses for enhanced clarity 
    • Wider peripheral vision
    • Increased accuracy of prescription
    • Lenses customized for your frame
    • Prescriptions translated into real world behaviors
  • Enhanced contrast in sports specific lenses (like golf)
  • Lenses that transition from light to dark are now availible in polarized to cut glare
  • Harmful Blue Light protection
  • Anti-Glare lets in beneficial light and keeps out the bad for best clarity
  • Anti-Fatigue single vision lens gives near vision a boost
  • Computer specific lens eliminates neck & shoulder stress

There is lens technology available to help you see better and feel better.  EMBRACE IT!

July 2014 News Blink

  • The Patient Portal has arrived and is active.  At your next exam, your exam summary will be sent to you via the portal.  Be sure to send us a message that you viewed it so we know that the portal is working properly.  It's simple and easy to use.  During the next year features will be gradually added.
  • Ask us about customized eyeglass lenses.  This is WOW technology.  Better optics=Better vision=Better quality of life
  • KIDS WEEKS this summer are the weeks of
    • July 14th
    • August 11th
  • Book appointments for children age 17 and under soon.   August  Kids Week is almost full.
  • NO COLLEGE WEEK this year.  Book Students age 18 to 24 any time during the month of July for special offers.