Mead EyeCare & EyeWear


Great vision improves your quality of life.

Technology has created solutions for your visual needs. 

What has technology done to give you great vision?

  • Digitally processed lenses for enhanced clarity 
    • Wider peripheral vision
    • Increased accuracy of prescription
    • Lenses customized for your frame
    • Prescriptions translated into real world behaviors
  • Enhanced contrast in sports specific lenses (like golf)
  • Lenses that transition from light to dark are now availible in polarized to cut glare
  • Created a slippery lens for easy cleaning
  • Anti-Static properties included with best ARs
  • Anti-Glare lets in beneficial light and keeps out the bad for best clarity
  • Anti-Fatigue single vision lens gives near vision a boost
  • Computer specific lens eliminates neck & shoulder stress

There is lens technology available to help you see better and feel better.  EMBRACE IT!

March 2014 News Blink

  • Ask us about customized eyeglass lenses.  This is WOW technology.  Better optics=Better vision=Better quality of life
  • NEW frame lines - Nike, Koali, Altair Sunlites
  • You may be surprised that there is no longer a printed medical history to fill out before you come in for your eye exam.  We will be taking verbal medical histories until our on line patient portal is ready sometime in  2014.  Refer to Patient Forms page for more information.