Contact Lens Exams

Looking for Contact Lenses? Our Woodbury, MN, Optometrist Can Provide Them

Glasses aren't the only answer for people who suffer from common vision disorders such as refractive errors. If you're tired of wearing and maintaining eyeglasses, or you just need a more convenient, less accident-prone alternative, then you may be in the market for contact lenses. These handy devices are more effective and comfortable than ever, with a variety of options to suit different needs and conditions. Here at Mead EyeCare & EyeWear in Woodbury. MN, you can get your ideal pair of contact lenses from either optometrist on our trusted team.

Contact Exam

The Process of Getting Contact Lenses

When a comprehensive eye exam and vision test reveals that you need corrective eyewear, the information we gather during that exam is more than adequate to fit you with eyeglasses. However, if you want contact lenses, we need to take one more step by administering a contact lens exam. This special examination provides the extra data we need to make sure your contacts are properly fitted to your eyes. Your optometrist will measure your eyes and take a detailed reading of your corneal curvature.

The contact lens exam is more than just a set of measurements. It's also an evaluation of your ocular health, corrective prescription, and personal preferences in contact lens usage. For instance, if you have an issue such as dry eye or sensitivity to certain substances, or if your prescription is hard to correct, we need to factor those variables into your lens selection. We'll also want to establish whether you'd be better off with one-day contacts, extended-wear contacts, or permanent contacts, which require regular cleaning.

Different Contacts for Different Needs

Don't worry if your individual eye and vision needs go beyond the realm of ordinary soft contacts. Mead EyeCare & EyeWear can offer a number of lens options for hard to fit eyes and prescriptions. You may benefit from:

    • Multifocal contact lenses that correct for the focal challenges of presbyopia
    • Gas permeable (GP) lenses that maintain a rigid shape for optimal vision correction
    • Scleral contacts that cover the entire cornea
    • Contacts made from special plastics that retain as much moisture as possible
    • Toric contacts, which are shaped so that they won't shift or rotate on the eyes

Schedule an Exam at Mead EyeCare & EyeWear

Choosing the right contact lenses can help ensure comfortable, healthy vision correction, and Mead EyeCare & EyeWear has the contacts you're looking for. Call (651) 735-9550 to schedule an eye exam so we can get started!

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