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Our Woodbury, MN, eye doctor team is skilled and experienced in performing a number of different eye surgery operations, including the popular LASIK procedure for vision correction. However, while we might have a mountain of experience, if you are reading this, then you are probably prepping for your first and have a lot of questions. The following is a look at the answers to some of the most common questions we get about eye surgery:

How long does eye surgery take?

Our team offers a number of different eye surgical procedures and each one varies in length. That said, most all of our techniques and treatments can be done within a single day and some, such as LASIK, are as short as two minutes per eye. 

What are the risks of eye surgery? 

Every surgical procedure has its risk of complications and no treatment can ever be medically guaranteed to be without risks. That said, complications from eye surgery that may irrecoverably threaten your vision are extremely rare and your optometrist will consult with you on the specifics of any risk associated with the eye surgery you are considering. In general, the most serious of more common risks is infection, which can be properly mitigated by following all of the recommended advice of your surgeon following the procedure. 

Will I feel any pain?  

No, you should not feel any type of pain during the course of eye surgery, as most surgical eye procedures we do are done with local anesthetic. This means that while you may be awake during the surgical procedure, your eye or eyes will be numb.

How long will recovery take? 

Every procedure and patient are different, so we cannot predict with complete accuracy your recovery time. However, most patients will find incredibly fast recovery time, with some forms of laser and cataract surgery offering full recovery and results within an hour or less. Whether you see such quick recovery or not, it's important to follow all of your surgeon and optometrist's instructions following surgery to prevent against the aforementioned risk of infection. For example, we generally recommend all patients to refrain from swimming for at least two weeks following eye surgery. 

Are follow-up visits required?  

Our optometrist team will often require at least one follow-up visit following eye surgery so that we can make sure that the surgery has been completely successful and to ensure the eye is properly healed and is out of risk of infection. This also allows us to check in with patients to answer any lingering questions they might have. In some cases, we may recommend more than one follow-up visit. 

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