General Optometry

General Optometry Services

Regular vision care is important for your health and well-being. At Mead EyeCare and & EyeWear, serving Woodbury, MN, and the surrounding area, our team of optometrists and welcoming staff are committed to providing advanced vision care in a high-tech and comfortable environment. Here is a guide to the general optometry services we offer.

General Optometry Services

Eye Exams

Because eye and vision problems don’t always have obvious symptoms, it is important to have your eyes regularly checked by a licensed optometrist. Early diagnosis of eye and vision conditions is vital to preventing vision loss.

During a yearly or bi-yearly eye examination, we provide a patient history review to discuss symptoms or problems you may be experiencing, such as blurry vision. We also ask about your overall health and medications you are taking. Additionally, we ask about your family history and previous eye issues you may have had.

We then give you a series of vision and eye tests. This includes an assessment of eye focusing and movement as well as an eye health evaluation. If a diagnosis for an eye disease or condition is needed, we will discuss any additional optometrist testing that may be required.

Contact Lenses

Our dedicated staff of professionals can help you decide if contact lenses are a good choice based on your needs and lifestyle.

We understand that making the choice to wear contact lenses is an important one. We provide information about each type of contact lens available, which includes rigid gas-permeable, daily-wear soft and extended-wear disposable. We also help you pick out the right type for your needs.

Additionally, if you would like to alter or camouflage your eye color or eye color irregularity, we can provide you with cosmetic lenses that provide a natural look.


Are you considering LASIK surgery as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses? Find out more about this effective method for treating a range of refractive conditions, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

With advanced technologies such as LASIK, you can have the clearest vision possible. We can help you decide if you’re a good candidate for LASIK and evaluate the health of your eyes to determine if you are eligible for surgery. We provide exams for LASIK (pre- and post-operative) and other eye procedures. We can also give you a referral to the LASIK surgery center we work with on an ongoing basis.

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At Mead EyeCare and & EyeWear, serving Woodbury and the surrounding area, we have a one-on-one approach and provide high-quality vision care in a comfortable environment. Contact us to learn more about the general optometry services we offer or to schedule an appointment. Call (651) 735-9550 today!

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