Personal Letter From Dr. Mead and Dr. Isaacson

From Dr. Mead: 

Mead EyeCare and & EyeWear | Woodbury, MN

After practicing optometry for over 40 years, I have decided to announce my retirement. It has been my singular honor to be your eye doctor. In some cases, I have seen more than one generation of your family. Each of you has become a valued friend. It was my pleasure to help you and it was fun. Thank you for using Mead Eyecare & Eyewear while I have been the owner. The new owner is an optometrist, Dr. Ryan Isaacson, whom I have chosen to carry on the Mead Eyecare tradition of service and quality.

Ryan Isaacson, O.D. is a graduate of Ferris State University, Michigan College of Optometry. He has been practicing in Minnesota for a few years. Our community is fortunate to have him continue my work and service. I am confident that you will receive the highest quality of eye care from him and Anne Sill, O.D. Simply put, these two eye doctors are capable of doing the work with their skills of hand and heart that equal and exceed those I knew throughout my career.

Thank you for the years that you put your trust in me for eye care. I am grateful for you having brought your families and friends to me. I trust you feel that I served you well.  In return, I must express my appreciation to you for making it possible for us to build a practice. I am leaving you in excellent hands for your continued eye care under Dr. Isaacson and Dr. Sill. Please trust them and the rest of the staff as you’ve trusted me. I could not send you to anyone better, even if I wanted to.

Best Regards, 

Charles Mead, O.D 

From Dr. Isaacson:

Mead EyeCare & EyeWear

My name is Ryan Isaacson and I will be taking over as the new owner of Mead EyeCare & EyeWear. It is a great honor to take over for an optometrist who has served his community so well over the last 40 years. I understand that this may be difficult to accept, but I will do my best to carry on his legacy with care, compassion, and a high quality of service. 

As Dr. Mead has stated in his letter, I am a 2014 graduate of the Michigan College of Optometry. I have also completed internships at the Walter Reed Military hospital in Bethesda, MD, St. Michaels Vision Institute in Largo, FL, and the Dorn VA hospital in Columbia, SC. I also have experience working at a commercial optometry practice in Maple Grove, MN as well as at the Whiting Clinic in St. Louis Park, MN.

I grew up in Upper Michigan in a small mining town. My attachment to Minnesota started very early as my parents would routinely take us to the Twin Cities. My father is an avid Minnesota sports fan and has raised me to be the same. Much of my family also migrated to the area; therefore it was clear that I wanted to move here. So immediately upon graduation, I moved to Minneapolis to get my career started as an optometrist.

I look forward to getting involved in this great community as well as getting acquainted with you and your family. I have spent a lot of time with Dr. Mead over the last 8 months and find myself with shoes that are hard to fill. But I hope you will view me as a trusting eyecare provider and will share my enthusiasm about the changes to come. 


Ryan Isaacson, OD 

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