Scleral CL Fittings

Here at Mead EyeCare & EyeWear we are providing a new service to our patients. Scleral contact lenses are large diameter, rigid gas permeable contact lenses. They are designed to rest on the sclera, or the "white part" of the eye. The lens while filled with a sterile solution, or preservative free artifical tears, will vault over the front surface of the eye. In doing so, this provides much better comfort than a standard rigid gas permeable contact lens while providing exceptional vision. 

Have you ever been told that you are not a candidate for contact lenses? Whether it is due to astigmatism, irregularity, dry eye, or other conditions, scleral contact lenses may be an option for you. With the science of the lens along with the underlying fluid reservoir, many of these issues can be minimized. The shape of an irregular cornea can be smoothed over with the fluid reservoir. Dry eyes can also be treated with the constant exposure of fluid underneath the lens. This effectively leaves a dry cornea with a fluid bath that reduces the symptoms of dry eye and other ocular surface disease. 

Lenses vary in size from 16 to 20 mm while a standard rigid gas permeable lenses varies from 7 to 12 mm. Soft contact lenses usually vary from 13.8 to 14.5 mm. And since these are large lenses, the insertion and removal varies from a conventional contact lenses. See our video below for a brief demonstration (coming soon). 

For further questions, call the office at 651-735-9550 or schedule an eye exam to speak to an eye care professional about your candidacy for scleral contact lenses!

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