Sports Eye Protection

Eye injuries are the leading reason for children losing vision and going blind. Most of the injuries are related to sports involving balls or rackets. 90% of these injuries are PREVENTABLE.

We have a selection of ASTM government approved frames from WileyX and Liberty. WE DID THE SHOPPING FOR YOU! We checked on pricing, package pricing, & # of frames available at optical shops in the area. We have the LARGEST selection of sports safety frames available with competitive pricing. Come in and check it out!
We carry WileyX Youthforce and Liberty Rec Specs

We also have a selection of general safety eyewear for the home (to use while running a table saw, hunting, shooting, dusty environments, etc)

Frame appointments to choose your safety eyewear are appreciated. Call 651 735 9550 and ask for a frame appointment. We can generally accomodate you the same day or the next day.

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